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Merlin Natal Report


November 18 – November 24, 2019

This week’s scenario is highlighted by good vibrations in your personal & professional life. Creative opportunities abound, but you must handle the situation with kid gloves. You may feel as though you have to give a helping hand to others to be ultimately effective. Take a step backward to magnetize the right situation or to pursuade people to your side. You never know what someone else is thinking, so don’t waste too much time guessing. The world will do as it pleases. Amuse yourself with things you understand. If you are upset with a partner or your mate, that could be reason enough to feel unappreciated. Someone could step on your toes in a big way, but if you give yourself a pat on the back, you’ll be able to minimize the pain. Do something special for yourself & try to find new avenues of relaxation.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by the needs or demands of a friend or family member. Your vitality may be low or you may be bothered by health problems, which may make you feel vulnerable and overly sensitive. Discussions about land, property or your home life may end up in a stalemate, with you being the one who steps away from a confrontation. To give in may be noble, but to walk away from something important to your life could be foolish. Your investment of time & love may show you what is most important. Although conversations may be fraught with problems, serious negotiations could set the record straight, for once & for all. If you want others to value you, you must value yourself. Learn to value your good qualities & work on your weaknesses.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by ability to see past the obvious delays & set-backs. Your sense of pride may depend on your interaction with a group of people. Choose carefully to whom you confide in. If someone steps on your toes, it could affect your creative output. Co-workers may resort to less than ethical methods to get what they want. Your financial situation demands that you treat everything and everyone with kid gloves. If someone demands attention, give them some of your time and then keep on going. It may be a sticky situation to get out of. Don’t get into trying to prove who’s right. The pressure of leadership may weigh heavily on you, but it’s not inspiration or brilliance that’s needed. A calm and quiet approach is most likely to be successful. You can gain the confidence of others through your focus and self-control.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by financial & emotional investments that need your attention. You have been very sensitive to others feelings & now need a little tender loving care, as well. Avoid forcing anyone or anything right now. Your stock is high in the public eye, and you must take care not to let that image be tarnished in any way. Job opportunities and career goals demand your full concentration. Don’t let anything compel you to manipulate others or play games. Romance may not bring the satisfaction you desire, but you must focus on what is important right now. Take care of your health and your money. If you struggle against the odds, you’ll win in a big way.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by travel plans, promotional matters & a situation at the base of your life could present momentary problems. Be patient with others but at the same time insist on honesty from them. Once you get past the initial set-backs to good communication, you’ll be able to see things from a different perspective. You could be distracted by romance and lose some valuable time obtaining your dreams. Your very magnetism will keep the people who are important to you at your side. Let go of anything that is not squeaky clean or aboveboard. Deal carefully with someone who is yanking at your coattails, whether it’s a loved one or a child. Step lightly to avoid antagonizing them.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your need to keep on track. You could feel as though the rug is being pulled out from under you when it comes to your finances. If you lose your focus, you could get careless. Tricky matters that relate to your lifestyle or home could require your vigilance. A large sum of money may be required to straighten out a messy situation and you may not know at this time where it is coming from. Not the best time to ask for a loan or for other funds that you need. To avoid feeling disillusioned, try to keep your perspective. You’ll find more financial resources if you use your creativity to ask the right questions. Your future will look brighter than anticipated.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to find beauty in something that others may not appreciate. Some health issues may demand your attention. To avoid getting sick, find ways to keep your spirits high. Mind over matter. If you feel disillusioned because of your financial situation or creative work, your immune system could suffer and you could be knocked out flat. Communicate your feelings, you may just hit it off in a big way. Replace your lost dreams with new ones. Partnership problems may be costly, but know that you can create what you need and want through your vision and fantasies. Create an aura that will make things work.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by some intense emotional & romantic encounters. Your career goals may seem unreachable right now, especially if you are running into obstacles at work or experiencing financial difficulties or health problems. First, take care of your energy level. Then deal with people who want to undermine your authority on the job. Your magnetism will be very high. Treat all tricky situations with extreme care. Don’t try to assert your authority or pull rank, because that will only fuel the flames. Turn the other cheek and shower your adversaries with kindness. The encounter may remind you of the feeling of your youth. Something inside you will click.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your change in attitude concerning relationships. Your love life will improve if you get out & start to enjoy the company of friends & relatives. Realize the power of your mind and send out the most positive, productive thoughts to people at a distance. Children and those you love who are far away from you need some of your time and attention. You may be temporarily distracted by problems that someone else creates. Others seem to want more of you than you are willing to give at the moment. The situation may be your way of testing yourself to see if you can keep going.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to get past the immediate & see the bigger picture. Your moral standards are high enough to alienate some of your earthier associates. You know in your heart that certain acts of peer pressure must be resisted. A real promise can wait a few days before you accept it. There may be no way out of something you’d prefer to avoid. Disillusionment could cause more problems than anything else might right now. You may have counted on some financial aid that is temporarily delayed. Unfortunately, funds seem to run through your fingers. Avoid losses with real estate, land, or property by exercising the utmost care in negotiations. Visualize the end result and create a harmonious environment that will bring the right results.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a sense of teamwork in everything you do. You’re not one to sit back & wait for things to happen. You like to make them happen. You’re full of energy & forever doing things that are unusual, interesting & creative. Make the effort to stay on top of a tricky group situation. You may feel like you have a tiger by the tail but you could end up being trampled unless you gather all your wits about you. Conversations could help resolve a delay, but you have to put all your cards on the table and be aboveboard in your dealings. Don’t get caught playing other people’s games. Step back and think before you speak. You partners may not come to your aid as you’d expected. Don’t store up resentments.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by honesty, legal matters & your ability to combat the stress you feel in your life. If you need help with financial matters, ask for assistance. Be sure to ask someone with whom you are involved in a cooperative endeavor. It will be to his or her benefit to help you resolve some tricky situation. A legal situation, travel plans and creative activities may be more costly than you’d expected. Be alert in your dealings with financial institutions. Plan your budget carefully and cut out unnecessary expenditures. Focus on the details of investments or anything that relates to land, home, and property.