Weekly Horoscopes

Since 1996 AstrologySource.com has been delivering both free services as well as professional personalized report services to thousands.

We were able to do via advertiser sponsors but since Google ads etc that revenue steam has seen us support the site on our own penny.

What fun we have had but Deborah our astrologer is now retired..

We apologize for no more daily and weekly horoscopes but doing it for free has become difficult.

Thank you so much for over 24 years of support and encouragement!!

Deb does have anew venture which is another love of hers. She has a little Ebay shop called Thrifty Ways..

We invite you all to check it out….

From Deb

“I will SO miss doing the astrology for all my fans and even those that just stumbled upon my web site..

You have all made it fun….and I thank you all”

Deb’s new adventure is as a estate sale picker..her shop is here.