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Your Weekly Horoscopes :

 May 16 – May 22, 2022

This week’s scenario is highlighted by changes in your love life. Your defenses are low and you may be in danger of falling into a web that a past lover has spun for you. Beware, this will only lead to heartache, so be strong and resist the pull. You may be asking yourself some deep and meaningful questions about the future. You are sure to seek out the most difficult as well as the most rewarding path to take. Somehow, you and money just don’t seem to get on at the moment, and you may be living on a shoestring budget. It’s time to find a way to increase your revenues by using your creative talents. Don’t waste time counting pennies this week. Look at the overall cost of things and try to balance your budget. Some things are worth paying more for to get a quality service.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your need to work & play hard. You seem to be running late on everything you do this week, as a result you don’t have any time to spare. This could be because you are either too stressed or too distracted to make good use of your time, so slow down, and you’ll get more things done. Don’t let this romantically calm period get you down, in fact, this is a welcome break which will allow you to enjoy some free time alone to recover from emotional pressure. You sometimes find it hard to find companions who share your interests and ideas, but there are plenty of people who want to listen to you this week. Even if others disagree with your concepts, you will have the chance to shine in a social situation.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a new creative idea or project can spring up from nowhere. Even if the thought sounds foolish at first, it’s time to follow through on your dreams. Let the thoughts come through, impractical as they may seem. Imagination will course you through now. Your greatest potential is to present information in a fascinating new package. Once you get though with it, you’ll be able to create a good reputation. One that is bound to gain positive attention from all concerned.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a change in mood & perhaps a change of attitude that you feel. It’s easy to be disillusioned about the progress you’ve made if you continue to look at things in a negative light. You tend to put more pressure on yourself than others do. You may assume a lot more than you should. This may tend to make you more defensive about projects that you have been procrastinating about. Realize that things that you’ve committed to, should take priority. You need to organize your time in order to achieve any of these goals. Time and financial budgets are meaningless without an energy budget. Invite others to help you to reach your goals. Allow their spark & energy to spurr your own. There are certain challenges that you shouldn’t have to face alone.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by travel, promotional & marketing plans. Communication with people in authority may not provide the desired results. You may be faced with a situation that could present major problems. You may feel angry, but patience is what will bring you results. Be patient, but at the same time insist on honesty from others. Once you commence to communicate effectively, you’ll see things from a different perspective. Creative ideas may come pouring forth. If you can catch some enthusiasm, you have a good chance to do something constructive with it. Get all the information you need before jumping into action. Listen to your intuitive feelings & realize that recent happenings were inevitable. This is particularly true in your professional life.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by strong feelings that may obscure your vision. Dwelling on your personal problems will only distract you from the task at hand. Your greatest inspiration comes from taking everything personally. You have a lot to gain by maintaining control of your emotions. An affair of the heart could move toward heartbreak. You still have time to save it, but do you really want to? You will have to be accountable for your actions. Choose your words wisely, as the consequences of what you say will be great. Approach others with love as they work through their own discomfort. If a break from routine would add to the healing, cancel your scheduled plans for late in the week & do something different.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by some decisive moments as well as surprises in store for you, particularly in relation to your personal plans. Personal change is definite. You have a tendency to be overly generous and forget that you have a budget to respect. Your desire to help others is admirable, but it could lead you into the red. Your ambitious nature may sometimes attract criticism, but there is no doubt about it. Your efforts have been worthwhile and you are about to reach a new level of success. You can arrange travel this week, as you seek out adventure and discovery. Your travels bring back happy memories and help you understand a past mistake.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by family pressure and responsibilities. You must learn to practice patience this week, and avoid flying off the handle until you know exactly what is happening. You may have a tendency to blame others and this could work against you. Some family members could become unbearable and it may be time to ask them to back off. Once you learn to be firm with them, you’ll find that they respect your wishes. Be careful, as you are sufficiently distracted to run into trouble if you don’t pay attention to what you are doing. Domestic accidents can be avoided if you watch your step. Some career choices have to be made before an important opportunity passes you by. Enough hesitating – take a better look at the situation and things will become clearer than ever.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by some interesting happenings in your domestic & personal life, that could include change of residence or marital status. Events this week, have made it impossible to allow things to remain as they are. The demands put on you may seem unfair, perhaps even a little manipulative. You may feel a little resentful. Allow changes to sink in, don’t assume the worst in others. Try your best to treat them fairly. Your swift action will only strengthen your case. What may have began as a real burden to you, may now become a real asset. Don’t undersell yourself, realize your worth & be proud of what you have achieved. Others will be more than willing to help you to prepare for the future. Realize that you don’t really need others to make things happen. Your strength will return once you gain your confidence back.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by an upsurge of your positive energy flow. Recently you have felt as if something was holding you back, this week, everything will click. Don’t let underlying discord ruin your mood any more than necessary. Consider calling a powerful friend with a good ear. A small luxury will make you feel enormously wealthy. Giving yourself a reason to smile doesn’t have to break the bank. You deserve whatever you want. If you don’t see it, ask for it. Once you get past the initial stumbling blocks, you’ll realize that you were assuming other’s expectations of you. Lift your head out of the details to see whether the big picture has changed since you last looked. Your good mood will be highly contagious, others will respond positively. It’s still possible to maintain harmony as long as you’re paying attention.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by co-operation & co-existance. You know you need to let go of the past. An old friend can turn you on to a new experience. It could seem a little strange at first, but with time you could get used to it. In the professional domain you could find a supporter, mentor or colleague who boosts your confidence and presents you with an interesting challenge. It’s one of those situations where less may be more. Listen to your intuition, don’t allow others to deter your progress.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to see past recent delays & set-backs. Embrace the talents of someone with whom you have nothing else in common. It may be a very interesting treat. Allow someone else make the moves and see where they lead to. You can learn some amazing things and have fun while learning. Little mistakes are easier to correct before their consequences grow too big. You’re still at the stage where you can have fun with this. It would be in your best interest to keep as low to the ground as possible. Don’t be alarmed if someone calls you a stick in the mud. You know what you like, you have your routine and you shouldn’t let anyone push you off course. Realize that you are closer to your goals than you thought.