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Your Weekly Horoscopes April 12 – April 18, 2021

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a sudden change in other’s attitude towards you. You may be able to see things from another perspective, look deep & you’ll understand motives more clearly. In you personal life, you’ll want to be involved in everything your loved ones do. Sudden changes involving relatives & peers may surprise you. Travel will bring you not only adventure and satisfaction, but also cultural knowledge and interesting new friendships. Fragile feelings will soon mend if you maintain a healthy emotional environment. Physical expression will lead to excitement and pleasure. Exercise or other gratifying activities may figure prominently. A fond wish is about to be granted to you.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to balance your act. You may feel barely in control of yourself, but this could be a good thing. Sometimes it takes a bold move to break free of your restraints. There will be a lot of subconscious activity going on in your head. As soon as you step into the picture, the picture changes. Business, romance, and play can all be deeply satisfying experiences. Learn from what happens so that you’ll be able to repeat the formula at will. You feel like you’re ready to go for the gold. Cheaters & liars need not apply. Your strategy at the moment is the truth and whatever it brings to the lives that it touches. Written agreements should be verified before signing them. It never hurts to ask the right questions.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to charm all around you. No one has to tell you what your job is, you’ll feel it. Your intuitive performance makes you indispensable in the work place. Your energy level is very high & you may want to spend it helping others. Take every advantage of your good luck & positive flow. Your financial position is very strong. Move ahead while your circumstances are still favorable. You’re in touch with a world of emotions, and they all feel excellent to you. A friend or colleague may be ready to confide in you. Try to organize your time to include family meals & get togethers. Leave the long range planning for someone else and set your sights on the details of the here and now. You’ll be able to work through complex puzzles with great success.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by negotiations & finding some middle ground to hold onto. Your logic is flawless right now. Don’t worry about order, structure, or editing. Work out the major details & the rest will fall into place. Clear the road and keep an eye out for the steamroller. Events beyond your control are about to flatten everything in their path. Hold onto your money until after the damage has been tallied up. One simple clarification might save you from making the mistake of a lifetime. Blunt honesty is the best policy. Your loved ones are lucky people. You can make people feel happy to be alive. Adventure will present itself at every turn. Go someplace different and do something daring. When testing your own limits, you’re likely to pass with flying colors. This is one time when you shouldn’t care if you make a spectacle of yourself.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by new beginnings & closure of other aspects of your life. It’s hard to be optimistic if you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. You may feel a little sad but you will feel a freshness that helps you cope with things. The usual barriers in business and romance will open for you like swinging doors. You’ll feel as if approving eyes are watching every move you make. People will tend to take you more seriously. Build on your momentum by doing things to benefit the community. There will always be time for personal gain. A real commitment will bring returns. The future is more important than the immediate gains. Don’t sell yourself short. You are in the company of people who think the world of you. This is a time of breakthrough and personal triumph.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to control your own destiny. Indecision, even when self-imposed, is never an easy place to be. Don’t waste time dancing around the edge when you could be diving into the thick of things. You may be in need of a dose of positive energy to raise your self-image. You need to realize the high regard in which others hold you. See your own accomplishments for what they are really worth. You have the ability to make others see what you want them to. Language is a tool you’ll be able to use with great skill and power. You may be able to manipulate the right people to make your dreams come true.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your hectic pace & your need to slow things down a little. Stop obsessing about your job and take a closer look at the outside world. You’ll have a breakthrough in your attempts to convince others to join you. You can accomplish a lot as long as you remain consistently energized. Passive participation will conserve your energy for the things that require it the most. It’s good to take care of others, but not at a steep price to your own dreams and ambitions. Be sure to spend some time on yourself. Love, health, and contentment are priceless commodities. Everything else is just gravy. Love for what you do can turn anything into a new experience. There’s never been a better time for mixing business with pleasure.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by deep mysteries that reveal their secrets to you through other’s misgivings. Your partner will be brimming with new information. Co-workers, friends, even strangers may have a great deal to say to you, too. Somr of it may not be too pleasing to you. You could improve the situation by finding your sense of humour instead of getting your back up. Your stubborn streak may try to take you over. Rather than take it all so seriously, make your life easier by enlisting others. Build a team that is capable of turning your vision into reality. Hesitation can only compound what starts out as a small problem. If you can’t see how wealthy you are, you’re probably using the wrong scale of measurement. Look beyond the surface. With a little adjustment, your goals may still be possible. A lucky break won’t do you much good if you’re unprepared to act on it.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your urge move on a dare, even if your common sense tells you it’s a bad idea. There may be something you feel you need to prove to yourself. Keep your escapades within the letter of the law. You’re free to take a few more risks than usual. Messages come from near and far. Travel may be a bit more complicated than usual. A short temper will only make the trip seem longer. Personal issues will become increasingly irratating. You may, in fact, really be fighting about an old issue. Take a good look at the situation and see if that’s not the case. Matters of great personal importance are at stake. Objectivity may be the only thing that can save you. Trust the pure intention behind an imperfect action. Remember that most people are still works in progress.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by knowledge, compassion & a sense of understanding. You benefit from a new solution to on an old, nagging problem. Review your behavior from a great emotional distance. An impractical solution will only waste the time of everyone involved. Routine may be comforting, but the prospect of change is tantalizing. One part of you makes a decision while the other part is still thinking about it. A relationship might feel the strain of this week’s activities. What you don’t know can only confuse you. Drop your preconceived ideas for a moment and ponder the person or the idea that you have grown to dislike. It takes a strong person to admit that they have been wrong. Opposing ideas are not so far apart as you might have imagined. You hold your resources close, sensing an impending shortage. The problem may be one of personal dynamics rather than material properties.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by responsibilities & your ability to juggle many at the same time. Use your time as productively as possible. Individual achievements are possible within a working team structure. Your charisma puts you at the center of a professional or social gathering. In order to achieve the trust of others, you need to take a look at how you treat them. Give others the benefit of the doubt, their hidden talents may surprise you. Remember how you felt when the roles were reversed. You may be able to take a more objective view, if you do. Your creative juices will flow. Achieving genius may take great effort, but it all depends on the medium in which you choose to express yourself. If you don’t understand something, ask more questions. What information seemed useless at first could end up being crucial. Go with your urges, and don’t stop until satisfied with your final result.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by an upsurge of positive energy, that continues to fuel your fire. You could get used to your current level of ease and happiness. Life may not always be this wonderful, but you’d do well to find a formula that you can repeat when the mood dictates. Your mood, no matter what it is does affect others. Wield your power with patience and fairness. Take time to smell the flowers and realize what personal wealth you possess. By giving in to selfishness, you start a negative imbalance that might be hard to contain. Keep your charge cards on a short leash, for the moment. You still have a little time to play the waiting game, but keep your objectives clear. Knowing other people’s motives helps you narrow down your options. By this time next week, you should be ready to move on whatever comes your way.