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Your Weekly Horoscopes January 11 – 17, 2021

This week’s scenario is highlighted by strong feelings & emotional situations. You may feel a little resentful towards someone close to you. The demands you receive may seem unfair, perhaps even a little manipulative. It could cost you a relationship if you are direct about the situation. Then again, why keep a friend you can’t really trust? Honesty is not always easy, but is almost always is the best policy. It’s not the facts that count, but the tone and the attitude. Great discretion on your part may be required if you want to keep the peace. A tender heart will be more receptive to a critical mind. Secrets may play an important role in your feelings. Perhaps it’s the information that only you have. You can feel pressured to divulge data that was given to you in confidence. Don’t give it up, no matter what promises are made to you. Instead, return to the source and make sure they give you the OK to release the information. You have the power of persuasion. Just use it with discrimination.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to have many pots brewing on the stove at the same time. Enlist the assistance of others in areas where they excel. You need to get all the input you can to control the situation, properly. Ordinarily you’re the first to help others, but you may not be able to do so now. You need to be treated with respect. Insist on receiving the whole story, rather than have something dumped on you without warning. Get all the information before jumping into action. Listen to your intuitive feelings about recent happenings. Once feelings are realized, they are easier to accept. Now is the time to generate new ideas about the future. Just throw them out and let them flow. You can try to make more sense of them later. The tap is open, so let it run freely.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by the needs or demands of a friend or family member. You certainly are a generous person, but this may be going too far. One false word could create havoc. Your communication
and intuitive skills are very strong. The support of an active partner will likely be helpful along the way. You’ll have exceptional mental clarity. You’ve got the moves to smooth and soothe even the wildest beast, boss, or playmate. Kids are putty in your hands and potential lovers will enjoy being around you. Just be yourself. You’re so charming when you’re there one instant and gone the next. You love to talk, however, do best to communicate carefully. Every syllable will be scrutinized. For that reason, it’s probably better to say less than more. Prepare your answers in advance. Off-the-cuff stuff probably will not work.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by some sharp words & some hurt feelings, which could get your week off to a rough start. You’re usually the last one to argue, but you may need to stand up for yourself, this time. You inbox will likely be filled with letters to answer, calls to make, and faxes and e-mails that require responses. If you get that brain of yours into gear, you’ll be able to make all the deadlines. If you can catch some enthusiasm, you have a good chance to do something constructive with it. This is particularly true in your professional life. Creative ideas may come pouring forth. These are most likely to be directly applicable to your work. Cooperation is vital, even if you feel combative. Competition, though, can be a powerful spur to true productivity.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by what you would call “idle chitchat”. A deep conversation could change your life. High expectations of someone may dwindle as the week winds down. You may feel angry, but patience is what will bring you results. You need to look at the situation from different perspectives. A variety of perspectives may be more valuable than one rigid strategy. You’re not ready to focus on the humdrum details of daily life, you need to spread your wings or your mind. A more constructive path will take you from possibility to choice and action. Communicate with those who support your values. Choose carefully to whom you confide in. If you’re pressured to talk, clam up, change the subject. They’ll never be able to pry it out of you. What you have may be more valuable than you think. Feel good.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by organizing your schedule and sticking to it. You’ll need to be a good conductor. A little irritability early in the week may spur you into action. Once you start to feel better, you’ll be able to move with grace and speed. Go to it! This can come in very handy, particularly on the potentially rocky home front. Read between the lines. You could be surprised by the maturity of someone you think of as a child. He or she is much more solid emotionally than you had imagined. If the terms of your understanding are perfectly clear, you can rely on getting the outcome you expect, but it is up to you to be precise about your expectations. Put on your serious face and deal with life in a businesslike manner now.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by teamwork & your ability to get everyone involved in your life. The resistance you feel will just grow stronger if you apply unneeded pressure. Keep discussions on track. Allow others to express their views. Listen carefully. It’s much easier to change something when you are specific about it. Explain carefully and in detail what you require. You’ll appreciate the same kind of precision from others as well. Do your research, dig into the situation and make a plan before taking any significant steps. Every idea you have now can generate profit. The challenge now,is to choose which one to react to first.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to negotiate & find middle ground on. Hang in there to discuss, argue, and make your points. Don’t worry about order, structure, or editing. Let your thoughts flow freely. You can come back later to rearrange and polish them. You might have to make a very strong case to get the money or approval you need from another person. Time can be your ally, not your enemy, if you are able to work with it in a mature manner. Impulsive actions taken now may only complicate matters. It is reasonable to make a move, but be very cautious and patient with others. Time is on your side. Your super-sharp perceptions can be quite helpful now. Bypass all the peripheral stuff and go right to the core of the matter. Family matters may require creativity and tact. Understand that fear is what can make others stubborn about things.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by the powerful demands of work and family. The challenge is how to choose between the options you’re facing. Family, of course, must come first, but you have other obligations that cannot be ignored. You can change this over time by restructuring your schedule. A new project that seemed like a distraction could prove to be the ideal answer to your problem. You have the ability to see past the obvious now. You can get to the core of the matter with your innate sense of what makes people tick. The pressure of leadership may weigh heavily on you, but it’s not inspiration or brilliance that’s needed. A calm and quiet approach is most likely to be successful. You can gain the confidence of others through your focus and self-control. Avoid leaping at empty promises or even stating your own case too strongly. Be patient.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by financial promises that don’t mean anything unless the money is in the bank. This is not about being rude, this is about being professional in your relations with others. Beware of fast talkers with big schemes. There may be a considerable gap between the pitch and the reality. Research & verify any claims you hear. Trust is not the issue here, honesty is. Your productivity and morale will improve, thanks to your understanding of people and systems. It’s intuition that makes it happen,not simple logic. Sensitivity is very strong. A remark about your abilities may trigger an overly strong response on your part. Step back and take a breath before reacting too strongly.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your sensitivity to aggressive behavior. Keep your cool. If you play your cards right now, you can really shine. It’s not that you’re being flashy, far from it. What makes you so special is your ability to contain your emotions and your words. Watch with great care and pick your spots. You’ll need to get a quick impression of a situation and then move on. You won’t have much time for reflection. You may be forced to guess. Others call this “using your intuition.” Try it. You have a sharp eye for details now. This may help you give useful suggestions to others. Don’t beat them over the head with it. The right phrase at the right moment will have the best impact. The response may be less productive if you repeat your point.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by challenges to your leadership. You may need to defend your territory. It’s really a matter of lining up supporters, creating alliances, and dealing with matters in a diplomatic manner. You’re the boss now, even if you don’t have the official title, you have the control. You’ll be the one to decide what information requires immediate attention. You’re not one to shrug off the rudeness of others. Get ready to fight for what you believe is right. Others won’t give you what you want just because you think you deserve it. Learn to stand up for yourself now. You can learn so much by watching. There are large patternsin your life that you need to step out of to see. The information you’re gleaning now will pay off for some time to come.