Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes

April 6 – April 12, 2020

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your keen understanding of how effective teamwork is. Make sure to keep your positive flow going. Superiors may request much of your time, so enlist the help of those you trust to delegate important tasks to. Listen to their ideas of how to handle the situation & plan your strategy, accordingly. You know that you can accomplish much when you are working as part of the team, especially in the role of leader. Sometimes you may feel as if you can conquer anything and maybe you can, but be sure to remember those who have helped you on your way. They need to feel your respect & especially your love. They’ll feel it best if you show it through your actions, not necessarily just your words. Family members may require your attention & understanding in a delicate domestic situation. Be careful not to say something that you’ll be sorry for later. Keep your expenses to a minimum, as higher ups may question them. You may need to do a little public relations to satisfy them. As long as you have nothing to hide, you can show your true colors.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a new sense of direction. You may feel as if there are too many decisions to be made. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Read, write & put your thoughtsinto words. Once you do this, you’ll feel an awakening of ideas that you once shared with someone, long ago. It may remind you of something very important that you’ve almost forgotten. Stress that seemed so intense will lessen, as the week goes on. There will be no restrictions for you, this week. Take the time you need to enjoy the hobbies, which you really like to do. You need to open your mind & your heart to someone who shares your goals. You may just be able to find the answer to your personal & professional problems. Take your direction from the simple things in life.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by domestic issues, which seem too large to overcome. Time to get you priorities in order. You need to find something to help you relax & relieve the stress you feel. Once you realize that the status quo is only temporary, you’ll be able to get past your emotional feelings. Your mind is very active & needs some new stimulation. Try to combine your ingenuity & creativity in new directions of stress release. Invite others to spend time with you. Perhaps taking up gardening, ceramics or some other craft will help you to put things into a better perspective. Once you feel a little more in control of things, you’ll be able to get past the negative influences that you’ve been feeling. A more positive force will allow you to reach a new level & to get past the present.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a domestic situation that is making you feel out of sorts. Even though you may not have any control over the situation, don’t allow others to get under your skin. They may have let you down or not come through in a promise. You’ll feel frustrated. You’ll feel that you have the right to expect the respect you deserve from others. Why shouldn’t you? If you speak your mind right away, you’ll get the right response from those who matter. Don’t wait any longer; express yourself clearly & directly. You will not hurt any feelings if you keep your comments honest & above board. Your thoughts will become clearer as the week winds down. Make plans to escape reality & enjoy a little bit of free time to play. A little week-end get away may be just what the doctor ordered. Celebrate good news from far away. It may change your outlook to the future.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by emotional & physical stress, that has you feeling a little down. If you don’t choose our words carefully, miscommunications or misunderstandings may occur. You have many things on your plate that you may feel like running away from everything. Now is the time to take charge of your own destiny. You will be able to accomplish many things, but first you must make the effort to learn new techniques & procedures. Look into education or re-training courses to help you to reach these new goals. Your ability to communicate will enable others to understand your motivations. Don’t allow others to put you in the middle of their problems. When asked to give your opinion, express your feelings strongly & clearly. You can lend an ear but you cannot solve their problems for them. Let them clearly know that. Take some time this weekend to visit to call someone who’s been on our mind. You may just make their day.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by excitement you sense in both your professional & your personal life. You will excel in everything you do. Things will come very easily to you. Your good name will be passed on to someone in power. Your confidence level will grow, as a result. You may be contacted to express your concepts to a larger audience. You will need to plan your approach a little more carefully. Take the time you need to present yourself & your thoughts more effectively. You need to gather yourself & keep your cool, even if your knees are shaking. You must think positively & you’ll be able to handle any situation thrown your way. Once you get started, you’ll be able to influence others greatly to your way of thinking. Make plans to invite friends & family to weekend gatherings. It’ll be just the
release you need.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by strong feelings of belonging to something much bigger than you had anticipated. Family members and close friends will vie for your attention. Listen to them, but try not to get too overwhelmed by their requests. Help where you can, but don’t put your own plans on hold for them. Recent happenings will remind you of how precious life really is. Offers you receive may be exciting, but you will need some time to digest all of the information you have received. Don’t rush any decisions, play the waiting game. Express your inner thoughts & feelings to someone close to you. They’ll be able to help you to deal with something that’s very close to your heart.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by new friends & new interests that emerge through your networking efforts. Your influence should turn a few heads. Take heed of yourintuitive feelings and take action when required. Many areas of your life may need more attention, than you anticipated. You may need to devote some time & effort to get things in order for them. Your efforts will be appreciated & others will shower you with their loyalty. You may need to experiment with different solutions in order to find a solution. Achieving your goals will come first. common sense should prevent you from taking chances that others do. Once you find yourself the right project to invest your time and effort in, you’ll be able to see the potential that exists.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a true feeling of accomplishment. You may feel as if you have reached a milestone in your life. Be it in a personal relationship or in business dealings, you will reach a very positive goal. Focus your energy with its full force. You’ll seem to have a keener understanding of how and why things work. Look behind the scene & see all of your options. Play your cards right & you may be celebrating true success. Bring people together by showing them interesting new ways to work. Personal relationships will feel more positive than ever. Invest time with family members & you’ll be creating great memories for everybody.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by the feeling that you need to get your life back to normal. Lately, things seems to have gone completely off kilter. You may have been taken off track from your interests & your goals. Other situations have taken over & become a real priority for you. Time to get back to the basics. Soon the image will become clearer. Family members & co-workers will try to help you through your emotional difficulties. Allow them to help you find new ways to battle your foes & lift your spirits. Time together will help you to deal with emotional wounds. Try to plan a weekend get together with them, you’ll be glad you did.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by influences from your spiritual forces. Many ideas & new procedures will become an interesting change & challenge from your everyday routine. Your initial effort to gather the pertinent information may be scattered. You may have denied your initial interest in a spiritual life, but something that you experience; this week will spark you to discover new ways to attain your goals. Answers will come more easily than usual. Take your experience to a new level by writing down your thoughts and ideas. Study other material that ties into your theory. Others will be amazed by your ability to see past the immediate. Work hard & play hard. You’ll feel emotionally rejuvenated by the effort you exert. Keep up the effort & you’ll be able to sail smoothly past all the stops.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a fresh start in a new direction. Things seem to be going extremely well, in your personal as well as your professional life, but you may feel as if something is missing. You need to put things into a more positive perspective. Once you do, you’ll feel less stressed. Focus your energy into a new plan or project that benefits many people. You won’t need to go looking for anything in particular but something spectacular will present itself to you. Make sure you express your appreciation to those who have helped you,on your quest. Learn to try to let things come to you,rather than chasing rainbows. If you find something that tickles your fancy, discuss it with your mate & their perspective may just give you the spark you need to make things happen.