Understanding Astrology Part 4

Signs of the Zodiac

The sign Aries covers the first 30 degrees of the ecliptic starting at the Spring Equinox. These correspond to March 21 through April 19 in the Almanac. Aries’ ruling planet is Mars. Venus finds herself in detriment here, but the Sun finds its exaltation in this sign. Aries is Cardinal, Fire. Its basic keywords are: Ardently, egotistically, impulsively, vigorously and aggressively. Aries symbol is the Ram.

The sign Taurus covers the second 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 30 to 60 degrees). These correspond to April 20 through May 20. Taurus ruling planet is Venus. Mars finds its detriment here, but the Moon is exalted. Taurus is fixed Earth. Its basic keywords are: Obstinately, Possessively, Patiently and Reliably. Taurus symbol is the Bull.

The sign Gemini covers the third 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 60 to 90 degrees). These correspond to May 21 through June 21. Gemini ruling planet is Venus. Jupiter finds its detriment here. Gemini is Mutable air. Its basic keywords are: Communicatively, Intellectually, alertly, nervously. Gemini symbol is the Twins.

The sign Cancer covers the fourth 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 90 to 120 degrees). These correspond to June 22 through July 22. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon. Saturn is in detriment here. Jupiter is exalted. Cancer is Cardinal water. Its basic keywords are: Protectively, moodily, graspingly, (tender loving care), sensitive and caring. Cancer symbol is the Crab.

The sign Leo covers the fifth 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 120 to 150 degrees). These correspond to July 23 through August 22.Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun. Saturn is in detriment here, but Pluto is exalted. Leo is O a fixed Fire. Its basic keywords are: Creatively, dramatically, heartily, proudly. Leo symbol is the Lion.

The sign Virgo covers the sixth 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 150 to 180 degrees). These correspond to August 23 through September 22. Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury. Neptune and Jupiter are in detriment here. No planet is exalted here. Virgo is Mutable Earth. Its basic keywords are: Discriminatingly, Industriously, Modestly, critically, analytically. Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin.

The sign Libra covers the seventh 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 180 to 210 degrees). These correspond to September 23 through October 23. Libra’s ruling planet is Venus. Saturn is exalted here. Libra is Cardinal Air. Its basic keywords are: Diplomatically, Impartially, Socially, Discontentedly, Harmoniously, with balance. Libra symbol is the Scales.

The sign Scorpio covers the eight 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 210 to 240 degrees). These correspond to October 24 through November 22. Scorpio’s ruling planet is Mars (and Pluto). Uranus is exalted here. Venus is in detriment. Scorpio is Fixed Water. Its basic keywords are: Intensely, Compulsively, Penetratingly, Cruelly, Secretively. Scorpio symbol is the Scorpion, Eagle or Phoenix.

The sign Sagittarius covers the ninth 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 240 to 270 degrees). These correspond to November 23 through December 21. Sagittarius’ ruling planet is Jupiter. No planet is exalted here. Mercury is in detriment. Sagittarius is Mutable Fire. Its basic keywords are: Expansively, Freely, Wisely, Optimistically, Wide Ranging. Sagittarius symbol is the Archer.

The sign Capricorn covers the tenth 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 270 to 300 degrees). These correspond to December 22 through January 19. Capricorn’ ruling planet is Saturn. Mars is exalted here. The Moon is in detriment . Capricorn is Cardinal Earth. Its basic keywords are: Ambitiously, Coolly, Rigidly, Prudently, Fearfully, Responsibly. Capricorn’s symbol is the Goat.

The sign Aquarius cover the eleventh 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 300 to 330 degrees). These correspond to January 20 through February 18. Aquarius ruling planet is Saturn (and Uranus). The Sun is in detriment here while Mercury is exalted. Aquarius is Fixed Air. Its basic keywords are: Unconventionally, Impersonally, Rebelliously, Humanitarian, and Detached. Aquarius symbol is the Water

The sign Pisces cover the twelfth 30 degrees of the ecliptic (from 330 to 360 degrees). These correspond to February 18 through March 20. Pisces ruling planet is Jupiter (and Neptune). Mercury is in detriment here while Venus is exalted. Pisces is Mutable Water. Its basic keywords are: Impressionably, Indealistically, Emotionally, Vaguely, Spiritually, with compassion. Pisces symbol is the Fish.

Astrological Houses
If the signs represent modifiers and the planets represent inner psychological drives, then the houses represent objective reality as we perceive it all around us.
First House:
This house represents the individual, the image he wants to project, the way he wants others to see him. In the chart of a collective entity the first house represents the leaders of the pack, those the collective have chosen to represent it before others. Keywords for the First House are: They physical self, Public Image, Personality,I AM. Mascara.

Second House:
This house represents the material needs of the individual. In the awakening of consciousness, after realizing that I AM the individual then realizes that “I NEED” certain material things in order to survive. The 2nd House represents those needs. By extension, however, certain ethical values are included in this house, particularly if they are perceive as essential for the individual’s survival or physical comfort. Keywords for the 2nd house are: Money (and the capacity to make money), material possessions and sense of self worth.

Third House:
After realizing that I NEED the individual then realizes that there are others with whom he must communicate in order to have his needs satisfied. Thus, the third house covers interpersonal everyday communication, particularly when the individual is seeking to obtain something from others. Keywords for the third house are: Communication, basic ic education, everyday environment and those in it. The third house may be summarized as: I speak, I ask, I seek.

Fourth House:The basic needs the newborn seek to satisfy are usually satisfied in the home environment. There the biological mother or someone else playing that role would feed, protect and comfort him. The 4th house represent this home environment. In it are stored the remembrances and feelings of “safety, comfort, and satisfaction” associated with the home environment. “I found what I wanted, I am satisfied. Someone is taking care of me. Someone is protecting and nourishing me”, this is the essence of the 4th house.  Its basic
keywords are: Home, Homeland, mother, beginning and end of life (the home is the place where we were taken care off during our infancy, and is the place we would like to return as we grow old.)

Fifth House:
Having the support of the home environment, the individual can then project himself into the outer world. Note however, that he is not leaving the home but merely projecting himself outward seeking new sources of pleasure and entertainment. Normally the ones who can do that are the teenagers who are fully supported by their parents. Thus, this house have come to represent youth and youth affairs. As they project themselves outward the most likely experience they are bound to find is romance. They are also likely to engage in some kind of creative enterprise. Games, sports, gambling, and entertainment in general are also here. Thus the basic
keywords for the 5th house are: Pleasure, creativity, teenagers, romance, gambling.

Sixth House:
Eventually, however, the individual must face the physical reality and adapt himself to it. In order to survive in the real world you must work one way or another. Also, if you are not careful, you may get sick and all kinds of ailments may come upon you. If you are lucky, you’ll have your own business, becoming the Boss others may love or hate. You may also become a supervisor or group leader. Must likely, however, you’ll start as a worker, or employee subjected to someone else’s orders and wishes. In an extreme case you might become a servant [or even worst: a slave] of some despotic tyrant. By extension all small things belong under this house. “I work, I
obey, I serve,” is in summary how must of us perceive this house. Its actual domain, however includes those things or areas of our lives where we must adapt to external demands with no immediate reward for our labour. Basic keywords for the Sixth house are: Service, work, hygiene; daily working habits, slaves, servants, subordinates and bosses.

Seventh House:
The 7th is the counterpart of the first. The first was I AM; the 7th is YOU ARE. This house represents those entities (individual or collectives) with whom we establish a one to one relationship. In a basketball or baseball game, for example, our team would be identified with the first house while the opposite team would be identified with the 7th house. Likewise in the Persian Gulf war any Patriotic American would have identified President Bush with the first house, while Sadam Hussein would have been identified with the 7th. This house, however, is mot often perceive as the house of marriage in general, and the house of our spouse in specific. More often than not we would see our spouse through the veil of the seventh house. This is somewhat dangerous for he or she may not
necessarily have the characteristics we are adscribing to him/her. Thus, instead of representing our spouse we should think of the seventh house and the house representing the way we will perceive those with whom we establish a one to one relationship, whether they are friends, sexual partners, or even open enemies. Of course to our friends we will ascribe the characteristics of this house in a positive manner while to our enemies we will ascribe the same characteristics but in a negative manner. For example, if the 7th house corresponds to the sign Taurus, then we may perceive a friend as being patient and constant while an enemy would be called stubborn
and inflexible. The basic keywords for the seventh house are: Marriage, partners, close friends and open enemies.

Eight House
This is the counterpart of the 2nd House. The 2nd represented the basic physical needs we must satisfy. The eight represent the must fundamental transcendental and spiritual needs we must satisfy. Orgonomy tell us that we are a self sustaining life energy system; thus our basic functional need is to keep our energy flowing. Now, this energy can express itself as sexual, social, or spiritual drives. NO matter how it expresses itself, when the inner energy level rises it demands an outlet. If we don’t allow this energy to flow, inner havoc may result: death may be the end result. The Basic keywords of the 8th house are: Death, regeneration, sexuality, and strong spiritual Drives.

Ninth House
The third house represents our daily communication and the basic education we use to express our daily needs. The 9th in contrast, represent the higher education and the “high speech” we use in special occasions to express our deeper wishers and desires emanating from the 8th house. Basic keywords for the 9th house are: Long journeys, advance knowledge, wisdom, religion, high speech.

Tenth House
If the 4th house represents the Home, roots and foundations of our lives, then the 10th represents our role in the external world; and the honors and achievements we may conquer there. Here it is interesting to see how the meaning of the various houses are interconnected. The 8th house establishes a transcendental impetus in our lives, then the 9th gives us the higher knowledge and high speech we need to fulfil our goals; finally the Tenth culminates this process by giving us an specific career where we can seek to fulfil our life goals. Basic keywords for the 10th house are: Career, Honours, Achievements, Authority.

Eleventh House
“Friends, hopes and wishes,” are the traditional keywords for this house. As the house opposing the fifth and following the tenth is easy to see how these keywords were established. As the counterpart of the 5th, the 11th represents the desire of the individual to express its satisfaction and creativity but this time in the external social world where he finds himself. And this social world would be determine by his career or professional world. Thus, here he will store his impressions and remembrances of the friends he makes as he practices his chosen profession. Also here he will express his hopes, wishes and aspirations, as he shares his most intimate feelings
with them. Under this new perspective other keywords for this house are: Friends, aspirations and affiliations.

Twelfth House
The house opposing the sixth, following the tenth and just before the first. If the sixth represent the demands of the physical world, then the twelfth represents the efforts of the individual to resist those physical demands. Also as the house following the 11th house of public and professional friends and social life, the 12th represents those areas of our life that we want to keep private; that we don’t want to be part of our professional or public life. Finally, as the house just before sunrise, the 12th represents the subconscious drives upon which our self image is based. The basic keywords for the 12th house are: Private life, hidden side of life, secret enemies, Institutions of confinement, subconscious drives, karmah, rewards, and returns.

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