Amorous Combinations Taurus

Amorous Combinations Taurus Amorous Combinations Taurus

TAURUS AND ARIES Amorous Combinations

Taurus is not as quick on the trigger as Aries, but both have a mutual interest in making love. Aries is emotional and Taurus ‘ Is sensual, and they’re bound to have fun while the affair lasts. In time, though, Taurus’s possessiveness will strike angry sparks from fiery Aries. They’ll also argue about money-Taurus tends to be careful and conservative, Aries is reckless and a spendthrift. Aries’s impulsiveness in making decisions annoys fixed Taurus, who dislikes a sudden change in routine. An affectionate affair can turn into a difficult marriage.

 TAURUS AND TAURUS Amorous Combinations

 This isn’t the most exciting union ever, for both are domestic creatures who prefer safety to adventure. However, both share a fondness for money, are hardworking, loyal, and affectionate. She tends to be more sentimental than he, but each is as possessive as the other, which works out fine. Because they are both earthy and direct about sexual needs, there should be no problem in that department. Boredom is the threat. The perfect solution is for each to develop some outside hobbles and friends without raising the possessive hackles of the other.

 TAURUS AND GEMINI Amorous Combinations

 These two are completely unalike in temperament. Taurus is stolid, fixed in opinions, resistant to change. Gemini is flighty, restless, vacillating. But they may find each other intriguing for that very reason-for a little while. Gemini is attracted to Taurus’s passions, but in time Taurus’s instinct for security and stability will be offended by volatile Gemini. Taurus is too much a creature of habit to go along with Gemini & the constant need for new stimulation. Eventually, Taurus’s demands are simply too much for Gemini, who seeks escape.

 TAURUS AND CANCER Amorous Combinations

 They have a lot going for them. Both are home-lovers, sentimentalists, and highly sexed. Taurus’s even-going, placid nature is a good antidote for Cancer’s moodiness, though at times plain-spoken Taurus must be careful not to slight Cancer’s feelings. Cancer needs someone like Taurus to depend on; Cancer gives Taurus the loyalty and feedback it needs. Taurus is ambitious for money and security, and Cancer has exactly those same goals. Similar interests and desires make for a harmonious mating.

TAURUS AND LEO Amorous Combinations

 Leo demands constant praise and adulation, and is forever competing with Taurus. As a result, Taurus digs in its heels and gets more sullen with each passing day. Taurus needs appreciation and Leo needs worship, but neither will get what it needs from the other. In addition, Leo is extravagant and Taurus parsimonious. There is a basic conflict between Taurus’s desire for a well-ordered schedule and Leo’s need for a larger-than-life existence. Sexually, these two are well matched, but Leo thinks life is a circus and tries to perform in all three rings at once. Taurus finds that hard to take, or even to watch.

 TAURUS AND VIRGO Amorous Combinations

 It’s love at first sight- Both are homebodies and they share the same intellectual pursuits. Taurus’s tenacity and Virgo’s sharp mind are a good combination for success as a team. And Taurus keeps a careful eye on expenditures, which pleases thrifty Virgo. Although they lack what might be called a spontaneous approach to life, neither puts a high value on that. They may have to adjust sexually, for Taurus is more physical. However, Taurus will probably waken Virgo’s sleeping passions. And they have everything else in common.

 TAURUS AND LIBRA Amorous Combinations

 Taurus finds Libra a warm, romantic, vibrant partner. Libra was born to charm and titillate. Steady Taurus balances Libra’s indecisiveness. Money may be a problem, for Libra doesn’t share Taurus’s reverential attitude toward a dollar, but both tend to be acquisitive and like to collect beautiful things. Both signs are ruled by Venus and have sensual natures, but each expresses this quality differently. In time, Libra’s fickleness and casual air toward love can drive Taurus wild; and Libra will certainly resent Taurus’s possessiveness. This romantic pairing may not last long.

 TAURUS AND SCORPIO Amorous Combinations

 These two are opposites in the zodiac, but they have more in common than other opposites. Both are determined and ambitious, and neither is much of a rover. However, there are two strong wills at work here. Taurus’s passionate sexual nature meets more than its match in Scorpio-in fact, the sexual element in this affair borders on the obsessive. But Scorpio’s overbearing, possessive, jealous nature makes Taurus simmer with resentment. This is a tempestuous affair, and neither has the tolerance to make the union last.

 TAURUS AND SAGITTARIUS Amorous Combinations

 This might work if Taurus can tie a string to Sagittarius’s kite and hold on tight. They are attracted to each other physically, for Taurus’s passions are ignited by Sagittarius’s uninhibited lovemaking. But Taurus finds it difficult to deal with Sagittarius’s roving eye and search for novelty. Sagittarius has an easy live-and-let live attitude about sex and everything else, whereas Taurus is both serious and possessive. Sagittarius refuses to stay under someone else’s thumb. No dull moments-but a good deal of quarreling. An affair can be fun.

 TAURUS AND CAPRICORN Amorous Combinations

 Capricorn is a strong match for Taurus, for they both have passions that are straightforward and uncomplicated. There won’t be much romance but plenty of healthy. sex. They share the same goals and like the same kinds of friends, and both are fond of security and ~m-o-n-e-y. Capricorn is a bit more secretive than Taurus would like, but all the same Capricorn’s loyalty makes Taurus feel secure. And Taurus is charmed by Capricorn’s unexpected sense of humor. Auguries for the long term are promising.

 TAURUS AND AQUARIUS Amorous Combinations

 Neither is likely to approve of the other. Taurus is conservative, careful, closemouthed. Aquarius is unconventional, innovative, and vivacious. Taurus is lusty and passionate, while Aquarius operates on a mental plane. Taurus finds it hard to keep Aquarius at home or satisfied with the delights of domesticity. Aquarius looks for openness and self-expression in a relationship, while Taurus needs security and comfort. Aquarius, a fancy-free loner who resents ties that bind, sooner or later slips away from possessive Taurus.

 TAURUS AND PISCES Amorous Combinations

 Pisces may not altogether understand Taurus’s materialistic approach to life. But the dependability of Taurus supplies the anchor Pisces needs to keep from drifting away into a private sea of fantasy. Hard-working Taurus sets a good example for lazy Pisces. Also, Taurus’s practical, easygoing nature helps Pisces through its frequent changes of mood. In love, Taurus is devoted and Pisces is adoring. Though Pisces can be a little fey for Taurus, they’re well suited sexually. Taurus is passionate, Pisces is sensual, and what’s wrong with that?

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