Sun Sign Profile Leo

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Sun Sign Profile Leo Sun Sign Profile LEO


  • Your Most Likeable trait: Generosity, Exhuberance, Born Entertainer
  • SYMBOL: The Lion (Regal, brave, dominating, sometimes insolent. Possessing nobility and pride.)
  • Ruling Planet: The Sun
  • Element: Fire Dominant
  • Keyword: I WILL. Magical
  • Birthstone: Ruby (Protects against physical injury & insures faithfulness. It also brings its wearer serenity of mind.)
  • Special Flowers: Sunflower, Marigold & Gladiolus
  • Special Colors: Gold & Orange (The magnetic colors of the Sun)
  • Lucky Numbers: 8 & 9
  • Lucky Day: Sunday Part of the body ruled by Leo: Back, Spine and the Heart  

The following is a very general profile of your sign. Bear in mind there are many influences that determind your precise chart. This is a general for your amusement review of the signs.

 You are a natural leader with many friends. In spite of your self-assurance and dignity, you have a great fear of being laughed at or disgraced. Affectionate, you love to display your feelings. Though you may not have many children of your own, you are fond of children and they respond warmly to you. Patience is not your strong suit, and you must learn to discipline your fiery enthusiasm and overly dramatic approach to life. You cannot be pushed, but flattery goes a long way with you. Creative and emotionally exuberant, you make a good actor or teacher, and you enjoy the good life.

 You are very emotional and you can be swayed too easily by your senses. Arguments arouse your stubbornness because once you make up your mind you stick to your decision. Impressionable and changeable, you are sensitive to your surroundings; kindness and praise are the best ways to get through to you. Your mind is retentive, and your thinking is creative. You have flashes of intuition, and you like poetry. You are a sensitive listener, full of sympathy for the suffering of others, but you might have trouble thinking objectively, since your emotions are always involved. This could lead to feeling sorry for yourself. You are diplomatic and have good business ability, although much of your orientation is around home and family.

 You are ruled by the “sun” and have a bright outgoing personality. You have many social graces and a lot of charm. You know how to compromise. Refined and easygoing, you have an imaginative style. You judge fairly and receive cooperation from others. You will be able to make money as a public speaker, writer, actor or entertainer.

 You are neat, even clinical, in your personal appearance and approach. You tend to analyze everything you do, and you may take every emotion apart until you have destroyed any natural or spontaneous feelings. You may marry late or stay single, yet you have very good relations with your friends and co-workers. It is difficult for you to give of yourself emotionally; you’d rather share work interests or intellectual pursuits with others. Soft-spoken, undemonstrative and shy, you have sympathy for the underdog. You can be a good nurse or doctor, and you are very interested in health or hygiene.

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