Sun Sign Profile Gemini

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Sun Sign Profile Gemini Gemini Sun Sign Profile

  •  Your Most Likeable trait: Responsiveness, Great Communicator & a True Humanitarian
  • SYMBOL: The Twins (Associated with duality, humanism, versatility, communication)
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Element: Air
  • Dominant Keyword: I THINK
  • Magical Birthstone: Agate (A multicolored precious stone that protects from deception & falsehood & bestows eloquence, especially in declarations of love.)
  • Special Flowers: Lily of the Valley, Rose & Lavender
  • Special Colors: Yellow Bright & Luminous (the color of novelty)
  • Lucky Numbers: 5 & 9
  • Lucky Day: Wednesday
  • Part of the body ruled by Gemini: Hands, Arms, Shoulders and Lungs

The following is a very general profile of your sign. Bear in mind there are many influences that determind your precise chart. This is a general for your amusement review of the signs.

 Sensitive, talkative, vacillating, and sympathetic, you must cultivate perseverance, or your restlessness will inhibit true accomplishment. Variety is the spice of your life. You love to socialize, and you try to avoid deep emotionalism. You are eloquent, love to read and have many hobbies. You can be vague and irresponsible and need a constant change of scene. You should channel your ability and talent for communication so it does not become idle chatter.

 You want to be recognized as an important and powerful person. Emotionally, you are supersensitive, and at the same time you are critical of others; however, you are untiring and considerate when you are interested or involved. You are shy and insecure about your own worth; you have many subconscious fears, and you can be oversensitive to real or fancied slights. You seek to justify yourself by acting with personal dignity and by your great ambition to succeed. Thus you are neither truly sympathetic nor very emotional. Your mind reacts quickly to sense impressions, but often with anger or antagonism. This can show a morbid and melancholy tendency to brooding, but you can also achieve popularity or even notoriety.

 Pure logical reasoning can be carried to its highest here, especially if Mercury is well aspected. You are versatile, unbiased, and impersonal in your ability to perceive the truth. You have an excellent vocabulary at your command; you enjoy learning and are able to communicate well and easily. A highly sensitive nervous system is the basis of your agile mind. You are witty, talkative, charming and interested in everyday affairs. Your thinking is full of dash, flash and lightning, and you often use your hands to express yourself. Fond of intellectual pursuits, you could be a writer or a public speaker. You must watch your need for change and novelty, since this can lead to superficiality or a lack of thoroughness.

 You are generous, friendly and detached. You need a lot of freedom. You like your partner to be intellectual, and if possible, to have a good sense of humor. You enjoy roaming the world and are literate, even poetic. You lack permanence in most of your involvements, and you may have more than one marriage. Your values in romantic matters can be quite superficial, especially if you lack fixed planets in the rest of your chart. You have pleasing manners, good relations with siblings and neighbors, and a great sense of family. Your emotions are on a more mental than feeling level, and you thrive on change and variety. Your nature is curious and you want to taste much of what life has to offer.

 You are magnetic, proud, earthy and well coordinated. A good organizer and reasoner, you want success and are willing to work for it. Because you are so practical, you rarely operate on impulse; thus you can function well in business. Self-control and self-discipline are your keywords. This often brings admiration rather than love from the opposite sex. There may be a separation from a parent, usually the father, and if Mars is afflicted, there is some danger of broken bones. Strong and persistent sexually, you must learn to develop humor, humility and warmth.

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