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Sun Sign Profile – What does it mean?

Sun Sign Profile Understanding your sun sign profile and how it influences on oneself helps develop develop an understanding of what our basic character is like. But as you review your sun sign profiles, you will note where your sun sign description differs from your personality. These differences will be better revealed when you review your full astrology birth chart . Then you will better understand what planets in particular are influencing you and creating those differences.

But this is the beginning and so we have provided here each sign’s general sun sign profile.

 Is there a difference to a full chart reading? In a full astrological chart, all planets are considered and their influences on the sun positions. Each planet can reveal much more detailed and precise information.

Some people will sometimes read the description of their sign and wonder why the description doesn’t match how they see themselves. Sun signs really only give the most general of traits.

Some people may see an exact match. But for most people there will be small to great variances between their sun sign description and their full natal chart reading.

Have fun with your general profile, discover the most common traits of the zodiac signs. Click on the zodiac signs below to review your own or a friends profile.

Sun sign profile.   

 ariesAries                  tau Taurus                       gemGemini

  leoCancer              virg Leo                             librVirgo

scop Libra                    sagitScorpio                     capCapricorn

  sagitSagittarius          aqua Aquarius                 pis Pisces

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