Sun Sign Profile Scorpio

Sun Sign Profile Scorpio Sun Sign Profile Scorpio

  • Your Most Likeable traits: Idealistic, Dedicated & Intense
  • SYMBOL: The Scorpion (A secretive, deadly creature that can poison its enemies)
  • Ruling Planet: Pluto
  • Element: Water Dominant
  • Keywords: I DESIRE.
  • Magical Birthstone: Topaz (Releases occult powers & brings serenity of mind. It also protects from enemies & illness)
  • Special Flowers: Chrysanthemum & Rhododendron
  • Special Colors: Crimson, Burgundy, Maroon (The glowing colors of passion)
  • Lucky Numbers: 2 & 4
  • Lucky Day: Tuesday
  • Part of the body ruled by Scorpio: The Genitals

The following is a very general profile of your sign. Bear in mind there are many influences that determind your precise chart. This is a general for your amusement review of the signs.

 Determined, aggressive and shrewd, you are rarely passive or neutral about anything. Ruled by Pluto you are someone that can put the fear even into a Leo. You are sexual, reproduction and survival seem important to you, more so than the average person. But you have a natural charm that has many in awe. Deep, often quite secretive and reserved, you are at times jealous, resentful and even vengeful. Your recuperative powers are remarkable. You are a truth-seeker; you have keen judgment and penetrating insight, and these qualities enable you to exercise a great deal of authority over others. Science, medicine or any field of intrigue are right up your alley. Willpower and persistence are your strong points, and although you are somewhat reticent, when prodded you can become outspoken and direct.

 You see life as a means of self-discovery through trial and error. You seek shared experiences at every opportunity, and you have an easy, charming, gracious and impersonal feeling for humanity. You have a deep need for everyone to like you and have a natural courtesy, charm and diplomatic manner; your emotional well-being depends upon approval of others, and so you are eager to please. You tend to live for the moment and you run the scale of highs and lows with every shift of events. You are friendly, easy-going and popular, but if you use this position negatively you can be capricious, fickle and critical. Because you easily succumb to flattery, you must consciously develop self-reliance and learn how to say no. You must curb your tendencies to indolence and flirtation. Your sense impressions are strong aesthetically; you feel a need to serve beauty. You experience the senses through the mind, and you evaluate the facts, but you do not criticize or analyze them. The Scorpio mind is more contemplative; you build great ideas, but you are not always ready to act on them. For you judgment is more important than execution. Decisiveness is not usually a strong quality with this placement, but your illusive sweetness hides a great strength. You have a fondness for music, poetry and the arts. Although you have some ability in these fields, you usually prefer to appreciate rather than perform. Affectionate and good-natured, you are often in demand in social circles. The people around you affect you, and your love life depends on how much you are appreciated. Partners are important to you since you work best in conjunction with others, and because you are dependent on their reactions.

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