Sun Sign Profile Sagittarius

Sun Sign Profile Sagittarius Sun Sign Profile Sagittarius

  • Your Most Likeable traits: Optimistic, Independent & Adventurous
  • SYMBOL: The Archer (Representing directness, high aims, a love of the heavens)
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Fire
  • Dominant Keyword: I SEE.
  • Magical Birthstone: Turquoise (Attracts love, protects from harm & gives its wearer the ability to see into the future)
  • Special Flowers: Narcissus, Holly & Dandelion
  • Special Color: Purple (Uncommon color of royalty and the artistic)
  • Lucky Numbers: 5 & 7
  • Lucky Day: Thursday
  • Part of the body ruled by Sagittarius: The Liver, the Hips & the Thighs

The following is a very general profile of your sign. Bear in mind there are many influences that determined your precise chart. This is a general for your amusement review of the signs.

 You are gregarious and enthusiastic, and you espouse high principles such as universal love and world peace. Happy-go-lucky, honest, cheerful and optimistic, at times you are restless, careless and extravagant. Your tolerance allows you to work well with all people, and you accept them for what they are. You are extroverted, and your bluntness and impatience can unknowingly hurt others who are more sensitive. You are fond of sports, the outdoors and travel. “Don’t fence me in” could be your motto.

You are socially naive and blissfully unaware of real human differences. You react to others as if they were part of yourself; you tend to merge and melt into them. You need and want to do everything with everybody, and you are open and friendly as a puppy. You have a keen prophetic and inspirational sense; you are always searching, restless and often lack continuity. Your sense impressions are clear and more accurate than others; thus your judgment is acute. But you should learn to think before you speak. Your mind resents confusion and it will reject anything irrelevant to the issue at hand. When you do focus, it is on one thing only, to the point of seeming to have a one-track mind. Unsettled in both mind and body, you need activity and physical exercise. You have a need to roam and are fond of sports, both as a participant and an observer. You have strong psychic and occult tendencies, and you are more sensitive than your free and breezy attitude reveals. You are a natural teacher or preacher, with a talent for religion, philosophy, poetry and music. You like to help others. You have a high degree of independence, a need for freedom and a tendency to be somewhat offhand. You must counteract carelessness and recklessness with tact and thoughtfulness.

 You have high principles and a very modern outlook. Usually skilled, you can be detached and intellectual. This position often gives more thought than action. You are a good leader who can meet challenges with serenity and poise. You seldom work well unless you are in charge, and you are contemptuous of tradition unless it is substantiated with logic. You are experimental and innovative sexually, but you may lack the personal touch. With challenging aspects, you can be quite revolutionary and feel a need to overthrow the established order.

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