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Natal, Vocational & Life Path Reports

Merlin Natal ReportThe Merlin Natal Report

This interpretation of your birth chart is written with assistance from Gina Ronco and Agnes Nightingale. The interpretations are clearly written, with sensitivity, and are free of astrological jargon.

The Merlin Report uses a sophisticated technique that leads the reader from one idea to the next so that the report is not as “choppy” and does not contain as many contradictions as most other astrological interpretations. It is our best natal reports and one that will reveal or confirm many inner secrets.

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Basic NatalYour Basic Natal Report
Written by our own Deborah, it’s a more brief but very complete 8-10 page report and covers all aspects with clear, easy to understand English aimed at the layman. In depth look at your inner self and your interactions with those around you. Discover your secret interests and desires. It can be seen as an introduction to those new to astrology.


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Life PathYour Life Path Report

Most people are familiar with their Sun sign based on the month and day of birth. The Sun sign answers the question, “What’s your sign?” It is the reference point that is employed when we read newspaper and magazine horoscopes.

But what about the nine other heavenly bodies that make their influence felt in our lives?

These planets were also in a particular sign of the zodiac when you were born. Here is where Astrology really begins to come alive for each individual. This report will take you on a revealing journey as you travel through each interpretation based on your unique month, day, and year of birth.

If your birth time was included, then the Rising sign will add yet another dimension to your personal horoscope interpretation. If it is not included because you don’t have an accurate time of birth, there is still much useful and insightful personal information that can be gleaned from your report.

This report takes into account the various spiritual and psychological implications, as well as the material plane potentials which are part of your individual life plan. In this case the word potential is used because you have been given a certain amount of free will and the life choices that you make will determine to a large extent the level at which these cosmic energies actually play themselves out. Use this report to find confirmation for what you already feel intuitively and to unlock the door for new life possibilities that you may not have yet considered. This is where the strength and real value of your personal Astrological report is found.

The Life Path Report offers a unique blending of the psychological, spiritual, and material plane potentials found in each individual horoscope. North node interpretations by sign and house position, retrograde planets and elemental emphasis make this a well-rounded report. Included is a special section devoted to house ruler ships which add yet another level of understanding to the overall picture. It’s a surprisingly comprehensive and insightful report. You will find that the interpretation of your chart is written in simple language, uncluttered by astrological jargon yet offering the technical aspects for those that do indeed like to see those facts. Also this report is one that we have added our excellent graphics to, making this a report of best quality combined with a beautiful presentation!

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Career/Vocational Report

The vocational report covers all aspects of you and the type of careers you may find quite appealing. Explore the passions that could turn into career paths. This report specifically deals with the areas of your life that bear on career choices.

Written in a clear, easy to understand english aimed at the layman. It provides an in depth look at your strengths and interests.

This report is designed to serve as a guide in finding your true vocation. At the same time an analysis of your personal characteristics, strengths or inhibitions, unused potential, karma, creativity, ability to earn money, work in relation to your employment etc., is given. At the end you will find a synthesis of the foregoing that will help you to summarize and clarify your mission in this life. Throughout this report numerous indications of possible vocations or professions related to your astrological influences are outlined. It is suggested that you reflect on this information so that in the end your own intuition can lead you to the best selection.

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