Locality Reports

Locality Reports

These reports were first introduced to us by Art Poppe, we liked the theme so much we added then to our report options. Compiled for you by Deborah they provide an analysis of any city/town you may be deciding to visit, live or vacation at. The report is specific to your selection, concise and well written.

Considering move to a new locality?

Locality Reports

It’s not limited to relocations though, use the report to learn about your current place of residence. We have a couple of ordering options below. Order a single locality report or our multi-locality report to evaluate more than one location. In this report you select the city, we report on your overall prospects in relation to romance, career and other themes of importance. Simply select the cities, towns of interest worldwide and we will compile the report that will reveal all the positive and negatives of that specific location.

This report uses aspects and 13 midpoint structures to the relocated ascendant and Midheaven to derive the interpretation. Economically priced so that you may want to try a few. The report for each location is about 1 page in length. I have both a “single location” report, as well as a “multilpe locations”, up to five, report.

Order a single locality report and learn have where you life, work and play are influenced by your birth sign.

Order Now One Location – $4.97

Moving or considering moving to a new area but not sure where. Order a multiple  locality report and learn how each location suits your needs.

Order Now Multiple Locations (MAX. 5) – $12.97

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