Leo Daily Horoscopes

Leo Daily HoroscopesLeo (July 23 – August 22)



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  • Your Most Likeable trait: Generosity, Exhuberance, Born Entertainer
  • SYMBOL: The Lion (Regal, brave, dominating, sometimes insolent. Possessing nobility and pride.)
  • Ruling Planet: The Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Dominant Keyword: I WILL.
  • Magical Birthstone: Ruby (Protects against physical injury & insures faithfulness. It also brings its wearer serenity of mind.)
  • Special Flowers: Sunflower, Marigold & Gladiolus
  • Special Colors: Gold & Orange (The magnetic colors of the Sun)
  • Lucky Numbers: 8 & 9
  • Lucky Day: Sunday
  • Part of the body ruled by Leo: Back, Spine and the Heart

Leo Daily Horoscopes

JULY 14, 2019

Responsibility can weigh heavily on you now. But you should have the combination of energy and commitment to be successful in what you do. You need to take it slowly, not spread yourself too thin, and stay focused on the task in front of you.

JULY 15, 2019

This can be a time of much hard work, focus and discipline. You could feel as if there is great pressure on you, but the key is to take it slowly and prioritize your activities. If you are well organized, this can be a time when you accomplish a great deal and earn respect, even from people who do not seem very appreciative of you at the moment.

JULY 16, 2019

Relationships deepen and grow and penetrate to a very personal level. This process is sometimes initiated by you and sometimes initiated by the other person but, in either case, it leads to a much deeper understanding and bond between you.

JULY 17, 2019

Any feeling, whether it be love, hate, appreciation, jealousy, or any other feeling, is brought into the open, causing your relationships to become deeper, more meaningful, and less superficial.

JULY 18, 2019

This is an excellent time to discuss issues with parents, children, brothers, sisters, and close friends that you normally find very difficult to bring up.

JULY 19, 2019

You may feel the urge to engage in activities that are emotionally intense and absorbing. Vicarious activities do not appeal to you now. This is a time when creative work with your hands is very satisfying, for example.

JULY 20, 2019

You are not to be taken lightly today. If you commit yourself to action, you are likely to work with great intensity. You may be itching for a fight or find that other people are pushing you. If you stay on course, however, you can work your way through great obstacles now.

JULY 21, 2019

Read between the lines and you will understand much more than what is written on the page. You can be a powerful communicator with the ability to affect the thinking of others.

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