Spike Lee

spSpike Lee
20 March 1957
12:00 PM
Atlanta, Georgia

Highlights of Spike Lee’s Birth Chart

Sun in Pisces:

The Sun in Pisces makes you idealistic, compassionate and sympathetic. This is because you naturally pick up the vibrations of those around you quite easily, even though you may not be consciously aware of doing this. This can affect your moods and it’s important for you to avoid chaotic environments and very negative people.
You would rather view the world through rose-colored glasses. Your highly sensitive nature can make it difficult for you to cope with the hard realities of life and you may be tempted to “tune out” occasionally. You often instinctively withdraw from time to time in order to heal and balance the energy in your aura.
You possess a creative imagination which you can put to excellent use should you choose. Musical, artistic and theatrical abilities are possible. Even if you are not actively engaged in these things, you have a deep appreciation for them.
You are basically nonaggressive and you have an innate understanding of spiritual concepts. You enjoy helping people and will even sacrifice your own immediate desires for someone else’s needs.