Your Sun Sign Profile Cancer

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Your Sun Sign Profile Cancer Your Sun Sign Profile – Cancer

  • Your Most Likeable traits: Loyal, Sensitive & Family-oriented
  • SYMBOL: The Crab (Possessing an impenetrable exterior covering soft flesh underneath)
  • Ruling Planet: The Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Dominant Keyword: I FEEL.
  • Magical Birthstone: Moonstone & Pearl (Changes bad fortune into good & discord into harmony. It also brings support from influential people.)
  • Special Flowers: Larkspur & Acanthus
  • Special Colors: Sea Green & Silver (The shimmering colors of the water and the moon)
  • Lucky Numbers: 3 & 7
  • Lucky Day: Monday Part of the body ruled by Cancer: The Breasts & the Stomach

The following is a very general profile of your sign. Bear in mind there are many influences that determined your precise chart. This is a general for your amusement review of the signs.

 You are innately attached to your home and family and are patriotic, maternal and imaginative. Although quiet, conscientious and receptive, you are deeply concerned with what others think of you. You need to feel needed, and through genuine concern for humanity you can overcome your natural shyness. You like to cook and entertain, and you are an avid collector. When necessary you can be manipulative to achieve your aim, which is emotional security. You need a quiet place for retreat, since you respond so strongly to influences in your environment.

 You are domestic by nature and from here comes your protective instincts. You love to take chances and can be somewhat accident-prone. You may have a chip on you shoulder and come on too forcefully, making others angry. You are strongly physical and need a partner who can match you stride for stride. “Think before you speak” should be your motto.

 You respond to life as if it were an adventure, and you are open to new ideas. You relate to experience as a means for self-realization. You have much natural and sincere enthusiasm, but you must work to develop patience. Your temper is uneven; you flare up quickly but soon forget the cause of your outburst. You often assert your ‘me first’ tendencies.

 You are ambitious, firm, resolute and quick; you are a worker not an idler. Intensely emotional, you often apply your energies to creative endeavours. This can offset debilitating health problems, as it gives great physical strength.

 You are very emotional and you can be swayed too easily by your senses. Arguments arouse your stubbornness because once you make up your mind you stick to your decision. Impressionable and changeable, you are sensitive to your surroundings; kindness and praise are the best ways to get through to you. Your mind is retentive, and your thinking is creative. You have flashes of intuition, and you like poetry. You are a sensitive listener, full of sympathy for the suffering of others, but you might have trouble thinking objectively, since your emotions are always involved. This could lead to feeling sorry for yourself. You are diplomatic and have good business ability, although much of your orientation is around home and family.

 You are ardent and romantic, and you can be theatrical in your behaviour. You love life and love. You can be a social climber, who enjoys throwing lavish parties and adores elegant people. You have great pride, and love to be noticed and to be the centre of attention. Clothes and appearance are important to you, as well as children, and you like dramatic and exciting courtships. You have a great need for applause; if you do not get it at home, you’ll seek it outside. Your good sense of color gives you artistic ability. The fields of acting, writing and music appeal to you. You are warm, affectionate and loyal to those you deem worthy. With challenging aspects, you can be jealous, snobbish, indiscriminate and over concerned with sex.

 Your inner strength is based on a good philosophy of life. You operate with great bursts of energy but have little endurance. You often embrace new ideas without thorough investigation beforehand. Full of life and vigour, you can be a crusader and are quite patriotic. Rhythm, harmony and tempo come naturally to you. Because you are gallant, extravagant and scintillating, your cheerful presence is welcome at any social gathering. Sexually, you are expansive and exploratory.

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