Astrology Treasure Maps

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Astrology Treasure Maps and Locality Reports

The NEW & IMPROVED Treasure Map and Locality Report

Your  Astrology Treasure Maps will show geographic areas where you attract certain kinds of situations using our supplied explanation guide. For example, in one geographic area you may find that job opportunities are better, and in another area you may find that you are able to have a happy and fulfilling home and family life.

On the Map are lines yellow and red lines. The red lines are straight and vertical, and the yellow lines are usually slanted and curving. These lines indicate geographic areas where there is a particular astrological influence that affects you while you are in this geographic region.

An area with no lines going through it has no particular “astrological boost”. This does not mean that life is unexciting or uneventful in these areas; it simply means that there is no particular emphasis in that geographic area.

You should use common sense when studying your Map. For example, some people love cities and some prefer a rural setting. You may prefer a region of the country that has natural beauty, or perhaps a highly educated public, or perhaps a strong artistic community. Some people have a particular love for a particular kind of environment, perhaps mountains, or ocean, or a tropical climate and atmosphere or perhaps a rugged environment with cold winters and mild summers. The culture, natural environment, architecture, and available resources will have a huge effect on your response to a particular geographic region. Astrological influences will not negate the importance of these factors.

Astrology Treasure mapsHowever, some people are surprised to find that in a particular town they encounter the kind of people and life style that they enjoy, while another town that seems similar does not prove to be as attractive or comfortable. Two people with similar tastes and life style may have very different reactions to Chicago, or London, or Tokyo or anywhere else. Astrology often explains what otherwise is difficult to understand.

Also worthy of mention is the fact we have just add some BRAND NEW THEMES and enhanced the graphical portion of our reports. Note also that astrology is not fatalistic. It is up to you to utilize the energies available to you in the best possible way. Astrology can help you better understand what kinds of energies underlie your present situation, and thereby help you to take the right steps to improve your life. Wise use of the energies available to a person can make it possible to get a positive result from the most challenging astrological influences.

Ordering your report consists of telling us your birth data, selecting a geographical region of interest, and then selecting the theme of the report, the order form makes it easy! The report is delivered in two parts. First a graphical map is sent attached to an email. It is followed then by another email with two Acrobat reader files attached. One will contain the map explanation and how to use it.

Themes to select from are:

  • Love & Romance
    The Love and Romance Map shows areas where you are most likely to attract love and romance into your life.
  • Vocation and Career
    The Vocation and Career Map shows geographic areas where you are more likely to attract good employment and business opportunities into your life.
  • Family & Friendships
    The Friendship and Family Map shows areas where you are most likely to develop strong friendships.
  • The Optimism and Opportunity Map 
  • The Optimism and Opportunity Map shows geographic areas where you feel more outgoing and you are likely to socialize and become involved in many different activities. There is also a tendency to feel optimistic and to draw opportunities through encounters with others. The Optimism and Opportunity Map shows places that are likely to be pleasurable and bring activities into your life that are fun and interesting.

Once we have your birth data, and selected theme (order form allows for theme selection) we will then create a “Treasure Map” as explained above and send it along to you. 

With or Without Birth Time – $19.97

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