Amorous Combinations Sagittarius

Amorous Combinations SagittariusAmorous Combinations Sagittarius


 Both share a similar approach to sex (they make the most of every opportunity). Add to this a mutual love of the outdoors and a fondness for socializing, and you can see why they get along. They’re also intellectually well suited: Both have a wide range of interests and love to talk about them. Sagittarius is more philosophical about problems than Aries, who becomes more personally involved. The one question mark is their combustible temper. Arguments are heated but short-lived -and the making up will be fun. A perfect match.


 Taurus wants to run things, but Sagittarius won’t be controlled. Sagittarius needs change, variety, and adventure. That proves irritating to steady, disciplined, homeloving Taurus. Taurus approves of tried-and-true ways of doing things but Sagittarius will try anything. Blunt Sagittarius will say what it thinks at the drop of a hat, and that brings Taurus’s temper to a slow simmer. There are also money problems, since Sagittarius gambles today while Taurus hoards for tomorrow. A short future for this pair.


 They’re both rest_ less, adventuresome, imaginative, and fun loving. No other opposite signs in the zodiac enjoy each other more than these two. There’ll be shooting stars in the bedroom for a while, but when the fireworks fizzle the bickering begins. Both have bright minds, but Sagittarius is outspoken and bossy, while Gemini likes to poke verbal fun. Too rootless and discontent to settle down, they eventually both succumb to the siren call of other interests, other loves. But parting should be amicable.


 Cancer’s sensuality and romantic imagination intrigues inquiring Sagittarius. But Sagittarius is both venturesome and cerebral while Cancer is cautious and emotional. and this pair will never understand each other. Sagittarius can’t supply the security and stability Cancer needs or endure Cancer’s moodiness and jealousy. Without even being aware of it, blunt Sagittarius wounds sensitive Cancer at every turn. When Sagittarius seeks outside stimulation away from home, Cancer nags and whines and tries to hold on tighter. They’d be better as just friends.


There are exciting times ahead for this ardent pair. Self-confident Leo holds the key to unlocking Sagittarius’s deeper passions, and their love life is an adventure. They also enjoy travel, meeting new people, and each other’s company. Leo loves freedom as much as Sagittarius so there won’t be problems with jealousy or possessiveness. Sagittarius has the lightness of touch necessary to cope with Leo’s monumental ego. A grand mating.


Shy, reticent Virgo can’t take the initiative, which makes Sagittarius think Virgo is prudish. Both have intellectual leanings so they may end up having some interesting conversations in bed. Elsewhere, Virgo looks for order and simplicity whereas Sagittarius looks for excitement and new experiences. Virgo wants a long term commitment; Sagittarius has to be free to roam. Sagittarius’s slapdash ways irritate meticulous Virgo. When Virgo carps and criticizes this is sometimes a way of showing it cares, but Sagittarius will never understand that. Little bodes well in this affair.


 Sagittarius is charmed by Libra’s artistic, elegant, easygoing nature, and Libra is fascinated by Sagittarius’s lust for adventure. Libra is more romantic than Sagittarius; otherwise the sexual harmony is delightful. Libra casts a tolerant eye on Sagittarius’s frolicking, and may even slow down Sagittarius’s pace, for Libra knows how to turn on sensual charm. Libra loves home and luxury, and Sagittarius prefers the outdoor life. But Librans are artists at working out such problems.


 Scorpio tries to clip Sagittarius’s wings and keep it in a cage. Brooding , pent-up Scorpio just can’t deal with open, ebullient, outspoken Sagittarius. Sagittarlus’s far-roaming interests constantly make Scorpio jealous. Romantically, this is a volatile combination. Sagittarius is playful about sex and finds Scorpio’s intense, dominating passions too much to cope with. Soon Sagittarius’s inclination is to fly. Sagittarius is also quick-tempered and cools quickly, while Scorpio’s anger seethes until it erupts in fury. A temperamental, difficult union.


 Some astrologers believe the only fit mate for a Sagittarian is another Sagittarian. They do seem perfectly suited: two independent, freedom-loving roamers. But this exciting, chaotic, eventful relationship is too unpredictable to suit either of them. They have a tendency to bring out the worst in each other. Each remains uncommitted and has so many outside interests that this pair inevitably drifts apart. But they’ll be good sports when the fun is over.


 Capricorn’s demands can’t be satisfied by Sagittarius’s flighty, lighthearted approach to love. Both have high aspirations in life but their approaches are totally different. Capricorn wants to climb to the top of the mountain; Sagittarius wants to fly over the top. Sagittarius’s frank outspoken nature is sure to rile Capricorn’s sensibilities. Capricorn is restrictive, a loner, known for its dour outlook. Sagittarius is venturesome, sociable, expansive. Capricorn is cautious with money and concerned with appearances and Sagittarius is neither. Both should look elsewhere.


These two are so innovative about lovemaking that they ought to charge admission. In addition, they inspire each other intellectually, for Aquarius has far-out, inventive ideas and Sagittarius is optimistic and visionary. Aquarius can be dogmatic in its libertarian views but that doesn’t bother live-and-let-live Sagittarius. Both are highly social, fun-loving creatures who like people, seeing new places, and what-ever is unpredictable. The best part is that neither one is jealous when the other isn’t home.


 These two ignite in the bedroom, but the compatibility ends there. Pisces is an imaginative dreamer, not a doer, whereas Sagittarius thrives on constant activity. Independent Sagittarius is too much of a rover to satisfy Pisces’s need for attention and devotion. Sagittarius’s sharp tongue will hurt Pisces’s romantic sensibilities. Pisces wants to get close but is constantly confused and rebuffed by Sagittarius’s struggle to free itself of the heavy emotional demands. Pisces is dependent and home-loving, but restless, adventurous Sagittarius won’t stay home long.

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