About AstrologySource.comHello, I’m Deborah Fenlon-Browning, the astrologer here at AstrologySource.com. It has been my pleasure since our site launch in 1996, to be able to offer some of the best resources available today.

I have been a practising astrologer for over 28 years now. For years my work was limited to off line publications and regional work. Then came the “World Wide Web”, or as we know it more commonly today, “the net”.

In 1996 Yahoo.com, honored me, with a Yahoo Site of the Week award. Since then two more Yahoo awards have been bestowed me.

I have since seen my audience grow incredibily since 1996, and today I supply horoscopes to many websites as well as to print publications. It is with great joy that still today I am able and honored to be able to carry on my mission.

My mission is education through knowledge of self. I use astrology as the tool.

The reports you will find here at my site include those created through a “major collaboration” of efforts both by myself and other well known astrologers. Gina Ronco. Art Poppe, and others have all contributed to our report interpretations, to make them the best available anywhere today.

Here at AstrologySource.com, you will find , along with our many astrology reports many other related resources.

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We’re confident that you will find the reports insightful, informative as well as entertaining. AstrologySource.Com has been publishing charts on-line since 1996. Preparation and delivery of your chart is done inside 24 hours, usually inside the first few hours, and is then delivered to you via email. We have a loyal following, we hope you will consider joining our client list.

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