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A Holocaust Memorial Expands in Philadelphia (Arts)
A plaza built around the “Monument to Six Million Jewish Martyrs” features sections of train track from Treblinka embedded in the pavement and survivors’ testimony.
(2018.10.22 14:00)

Joachim Ronneberg, Leader of Raid That Thwarted a Nazi Atomic Bomb, Dies at 99 (Obituaries)
The Norwegian resistance fighter commanded a daring World War II mission to blow up a heavy-water plant and help sabotage Hitler’s nuclear program.
(2018.10.22 13:56)

Jamal Khashoggi Double Sent to Create False Trail in Istanbul, Saudi Official Says (World)
A man who resembled the dissident journalist was sent to Turkey and then walked around in his clothes after Mr. Khashoggi’s death, the official said.
(2018.10.22 14:10)

A $7.1 Billion Car Parts Acquisition Is a Glimmer of Hope in a Gloomy Sector (Business Day)
The investment group KKR is to acquire the Fiat Chrysler parts supplier Magneti Marelli at a price that seem incongruous in the sector.
(2018.10.22 13:47)

Trump Claims ‘Criminals and Unknown Middle Easterners’ Are in Caravan of Migrants (U.S.)
President Trump blames Democrats and the governments of Mexico and three Central American countries for a group of people trying to immigrate to the United States.
(2018.10.22 14:10)

California Today: Crosswords for California Life, From Silicon Valley to Sauvignon Blanc (U.S.)
Monday: Executives and activists speak out about a tax proposal, U.S.C. settles a sex abuse suit, and a new California-themed crossword puzzle.
(2018.10.22 13:30)

Hudson Square Tower With a French Accent (Real Estate)
Françoise Raynaud, a Parisian architect, has created a 30-story condo designed both to loom over and blend in with its fast-developing downtown neighborhood.
(2018.10.22 13:00)

An 85 Percent Chance, You Say? (Opinion)
Also: ‘I have news for Donald Trump. I do exist.’
(2018.10.22 12:57)

Saints, at 5-1, Are Ready to Face Down Ghosts of the Vikings Game (Sports)
Against the Ravens, New Orleans went for it on fourth down four times in one possession.
(2018.10.22 12:44)

Tu resumen de noticias del lunes (Universal)
Crimen organizado, identidad genital y caravana migrante: lo que está sucediendo en América Latina y el mundo.
(2018.10.22 13:43)

#WontBeErased: Transgender People and Allies Mobilize Against Trump Administration Proposal (U.S.)
The administration has proposed defining sex based on genitalia at birth. The L.G.B.T. community is fighting back with rallies and a hashtag.
(2018.10.22 14:06)

Ryanair Under Fire for Ignoring Passenger’s Racist Rant (World)
Video of the incident prompted calls to boycott the budget airline, and British officials promised to raise it in Parliament.
(2018.10.22 13:44)

DealBook Briefing: It’s Tough to Quit Saudi Arabia (Business Day)
Many businesses are distancing themselves from the kingdom — but few are cutting their ties completely.
(2018.10.22 11:21)

Trump Cannot Define Away My Existence (Opinion)
The administration seems to think transgender people like me are as imaginary as hippogriffs.
(2018.10.22 12:21)

John Prine: American Oracle (Opinion)
He wrote his first protest song in 1968, but this country has never needed him more than it does now.
(2018.10.22 12:44)

What Happened to Center-Right America? (Opinion)
If moderate Republicans vote for Democrats, it may not change the Democratic Party for the better.
(2018.10.22 10:00)

Who Made My Puzzle? (Crosswords & Games)
This month’s spotlight shines on Sam Ezersky.
(2018.10.22 10:00)

New York Today: Measles in Brooklyn (New York)
Monday: An update on the outbreak, and a winter weather outlook.
(2018.10.22 13:48)

The Trump Bump in Stocks Is Weakening (Business Day)
Stocks are still up a lot since Mr. Trump was elected, but recent selling has eroded investors’ gains.
(2018.10.22 13:52)

Who’s Allowed to Vote in Georgia? (Podcasts)
Accusations of intentional voter suppression have animated the state’s crucial race for governor.
(2018.10.22 09:52)