"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season  in which we are born."  Carl Gustav Jung
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Your Monthly Forecasts:  SEPTEMBER - 2015


  You might become emotionally attached to a certain cause or goal which you feel obligated to carry out.  Whether this project is work-related or a personal objective, you will most likely encounter help and cooperation from other individuals, especially women at this time.  Your instincts are sharp, and you can zero in on a target or direction that provides you with insight into accomplishing a cherished goal.  In personal relationships, you may feel deeply committed to strengthening the emotional involvement with your mate and take your responsibilities and loyalty much more seriously.


   Love or marital relationships may be given a breath of fresh air at this time. You are not inclined to be possessive or jealous now in your marriage or love relationship and you certainly do not want your partner to behave in this manner toward you. You seek ways to bring spontaneity and newness into the partnership and avoid situations which are uninteresting and boring. Your hope is that your partner will allow you enough space and give you the opportunity for independence and self-expression. Although this is only a temporary phase, it may stimulate you to release your insecurities and break down the rigid structures of the past, allowing the relationship to renew itself later on a more solid and equal ground.


 You are very creative right now. Some of your best work can be done, particularly if your work requires creativity. Take advantage of this time to let your creative talents reach new levels. Almost any endeavor, whether it be writing, art, music, science, etc., benefits from this astrological influence. You can make great strides in the development of technique. You have excellent control and discipline, without being too rigid; for example, musicians can give brilliant performances under this astrological influence.


  Your concentration, drive, and enthusiasm is quite powerful during this period. You feel energized, motivated, and eager to take constructive action on anything that promotes your own self-interests or professional objectives. Whether your desires are based on personal or work-related objectives, you now take on a more zealous or wholehearted approach to these affairs. You are apt to devote your attention to matters of utmost priority in your life and make key decisions or take definitive action on a significant issue. Areas of your life which are not meaningful, purposeful, or personally rewarding will be sacrificed or forced to take a back seat while you pursue new beginnings or take on challenges which stimulate your personal or work ambitions.


  There may be several adjustments or choices to make with regard to your career or personal goals.  For example, if you have been overzealous in your plans to achieve your professional goals and have allowed this dedication to overshadow your personal life, then you will need to alter your behavior to give more attention to your close relationships and other meaningful areas of your life.  Whether or not work is your primary goal in life, you may find you have alienated the important individuals in your life because of the belief that your own sense of purpose is all that matters.  You might have to sacrifice some of your own self-interest in order to achieve balance in your intimate relationships.


  This is a time for making long-range plans, seeing the big picture, and thinking about what is really important to you in the long run. The trivial details and business of day-to-day living does not dominate your attention now. Reading books or articles of an inspirational nature or on subjects of personal growth and development is very fruitful now. This is also an excellent time for business functions, negotiations, and communicating with the world at large. You have the power to convince others now.  You can communicate with depth, intensity and passion as you express your ideas. Be careful about pushing too hard as power struggles may arise. Stay focused and stick to your point.


   You may feel slightly confused over a problem in a personal or professional relationship.  You are more determined to resolve any ongoing dilemma in order to restore a sense of loyalty, trust and security in your work or social environment.  Either you or a loved one may be going through a difficult period of change or adjustment which takes up most of your time and attention.  You may need to give up some of your own personal or professional time to work on fostering better relations with your partner.  On the other hand, work and financial matters need your focus and concentration and, should you need to involve other individuals or ask for favors, it is best to use diplomacy and gentle persuasion.


   This period may stir up past memories or unconscious feelings which deal with sensitive or anger-provoking issues. It may be a current incident now that reminds you of long-buried pain, slights, grief, or resentment. An authority figure or someone in your immediate surroundings may try to impose their will upon you or put you in an impossible or uncomfortable situation with demands and requirements that are not to your liking. Any inner conflicts or problems which you thought were resolved may arise again at this time. You also may feel tense and irritable, which could set the stage for antagonizing others or getting involved in heated confrontations.


  It may be difficult to reason with loved ones now. A family member, sibling, relative, or mate could make your routine, everyday tasks seem a bit chaotic just now. All sorts of complications are possible either when communicating, traveling, or running errands for your loved ones. You may get saddled with others' responsibilities now and then complain you are being taken advantage of. Petty disagreements can spoil the atmosphere in your domestic life. If you have children, they may be very fussy and hard to please at this time.


 A greater sense of purpose and direction in career or personal goals is accented now. Some of your old ideas and beliefs regarding work, authorities, professionals, or private matters may not fit in with your newfound outlook at this time. You might have an opportunity to learn or try out different procedures and practices in your work, which stands to benefit your career in the long run. A professional or personal dilemma or situation which once seemed impossible to deal with may now be resolved or healed at this time. Relationships with parents and elders are rewarding and offer you important lessons in life at this time. Take the wisdom and guidance you receive from others and be thankful.


  Your optimistic insight can help loved ones immensely at this time. You can favorably influence a domestic situation through giving wise counsel and loving concern to your mate, children, and other loved ones. Someone you care for may also be more helpful at this time or attentive to your needs. They can give you encouragement to take the personal initiative on new interests you wish to explore. Appropriate outlets now will be through travel, educational, or spiritual activities with family members, which helps to strengthen the bonds of unity between you and those you love.


 You may feel overly dependent on loved ones at this time. The emotional support and nurturing you receive in your domestic or romantic life may be fraught with disappointment and victimization. Necessary adjustments will include a need to focus on realistic perceptions of loved ones and their abilities to adequately alleviate your emotional neediness. Lack of compassion, dissipated energy, and weakened intuition interfere with your ability to help and heal others. This is a time when insensitivity prevails in the home and there is confusion over who is to provide the security and care in order for the family unit to operate functionally. Children may appear aloof and evasive, experience mood swings, or act irresponsibly toward their duties.