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Carl Jung once said. "Our journey through life is one of everlasting learning. Our appetite for knowledge about who we are and why we are here has been a continuous theme throughout man's occupation of the planet."

It has been said by many that "Knowledge is Power"!

Hello All! Welcome to my new chart shop site, it's a project I have been working on behind the scenes for some time now. Many of you perhaps,already know me from Elle Magazine, a truly first class women's publication. I hope you enjoy the offerings I have put together for you, here.

Many of you have also been followers of my weekly column, Ask AstroAbby , a weekly article I penned for some time now. We have maintained this feature,this week's article can be reviewed by clicking here.

Trying to meet the needs of some many is at times difficult, but I have assembled a team that will not disappoint when it comes to preparing your personalized astrology, numerology, and other reports we feature on my site.

Discover and learn how your entry into today's world affects you and those around you. You'll learn secrets to love, success and happiness. These charts, reports and forecasts are done by master astrologers. Natal interpretations contributions made by Deborah Browning, Gina Ronco and Agnes Nightingale, Bridgett Walther. Romantic, relationship chart interpretations, Advanced forecasts interpretations done for the layman. Use the menu above to review ALL of my reports.

All of my charts and reports covering Major Life Themes, midpoints, compatibility, vocational, and future forecasts are designed and written for the average person and every aspect is explained in clear concise language.

We are always adding new reports for online delivery. Hope you bookmark my site and return often!

Many of you know me as the astrologer for Match.com and most recently Elle Magazine. I thank them both for their help in reaching all of you!

You Will not be disappointed.....!!


Dear Astro Abby,

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question! I have to say I've followed your advice exactly and love the compatibility guide! Thank you so much again, Astro Abby, you are wonderful!

. MM Abby,

Many thanks for your wonderful site & incredible insights ~ As I'm sure you've heard before ~ Yours is the 1st scope I check in the morn!

Dear Astroabby,

I would like you to know how grateful I am for your help. I keep re-reading your response to my letter to reassure myself. Well, thanks again for the kinds words. I think it's very important that you realize what a positive effect you have on people.

Astro Abby,

Thank you truly for responding to my letter. I think I have a "lump" in my heart but it will clear! I want to let you know that I love reading your Dear Abby column. I read it all the time! And I log onto the site daily! It is a great place! I send you my very best wishes! Thanks again.


It's easy to see why everyone thinks you are so fabulous.

Dear Astro Abby,

Thank you for caring....you are a very kind person. Your answer to my question is encouraging and the chart is helping me immensely.

Dear astroabby,

WOW! I was speechless, when I read your reply.:)

Dear Astroabby ,

Many thanks for answering and printing my letter and question. You have no idea how wonderful it was to read your advice and realize that I am not going crazy. Basically, your answer reiterated all my thoughts - such as the "too little, too late" statement - but things I was feeling guilty for. I will definitely take your advice to heart and check back in with you next year to let you know my progress. Thanks again!

Thank you Astroabby,
You have boosted my confidence greatly and encouraged me to showcase my talents too.

Dear Abby,

I have been a long-time fan of yours. In addition to being a very talented astrologer with an exceptional vocabulary, I must say I think you are absolutely brilliant. You are accurate to the T on my horoscope more often than not and it never ceases to completely amaze me. While I'm not one to 'map out my day' according to my reading, there have been numerous times when I wished I had followed your guidance. Live and learn... In closing I just want to thank you for this fabulous website and I wish you nothing but heartfelt, positive vibes in all your endeavors.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your insight amazes me (and even frightens me a little!) You are right that this change occurred mid-June- we attended a wedding and he acted very strange that night. I hope I can find the strength to move on, at least for the time being. I can't thank you enough.

Dear Abby,

I have been a loyal visitor to your astroabby site for over two years now. I had stumbled upon your site at a very emotional time for me and was AMAZED by the accuracy of my horoscope to my situation at that time. Since then, I have been hooked and have found so often that my horoscopes are (as my friends say when I send them along) "eerily appropriate".

Dear Astro Abby:

Just to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your astrology readings. I along with most of your readers miss your weekly astrology readings, but I definitely understand the time constraint. Thank you for continuing with your daily and monthly readings, which are very profound and fun to read. You are one of the best astrologers around!

Thanks so much for the encouraging chart. You seem to always have the words I need to hear at the tips of your fingers.

Your feedback on my problem was on target very much. I always thought I would like a relationship with someone maturer and a little older than myself. And my views on the World and Life tend to be cynical. Thanks.


WOW!! Not only are you incredibly fast, I think you are incredibly accurate!!!

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